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My STEAMmaker kids came back to school ready to face challenges and step up as leaders this year. They have repeatedly talked about the cool things that we did together during the camp. They have set the stage for others in the projects we are doing.
~ STEAMmaker Camp teacher feedback

Sign up for STEAMmaker Camp May 31-June 3, 2016 in Hutchinson Kansas

What is STEAMmaker Camp?

STEAMmaker Camp is intense and immersed professional learning where teachers, alongside their own students, learn how to shift from teaching in a typical STEM classroom to create and operate a MakerSpace in their own schools. This is all about being hands-on.

At STEAMmaker Camp, teams of teachers and students come together to experience a MakerSpace event. Various modules are included on a rotation, such as 3D modeling and design; circuitry; robotics designing/coding/programming; music producer; wearable technology, and more. Each camp can be customized by module to fit the length of the camp, the number of participants, and the needs of the client.

Teachers leave a STEAMmaker Camp KNOWING how a MakerSpace can be managed; UNDERSTANDING how a MakerSpace operates regarding time, space, activities, materials, and academic learning; and ready to begin BUILDING their own programs in their own schools with a seed set of students who all have a common understanding of operation and the exciting engagement.

Details at a glance:

WHEN: May 31 - June 3, 2016
Application Deadline: Mar 30, 2016
WHO: teams of 2 teachers and 4-6 students, in grades 5-12 (rising)
WHAT: STEAMmaker Camp is professional learning for teachers that kids attend and love! But the students are actually helpers for teachers to learn with. In other words, teachers can learn alongside their students, actually jumping in, thinking, designing, and making. Teachers can practice their new educator skills with their students instead of just talking theoretically about strategies. As a team, they return home with a shared vision of how to create this dynamic environment in their own schools!
WHERE: ESSDACK in Hutchinson, Kansas (1500 East 11th Street, Suite 200)
WHY: Itâ€â„¢s super fun to geek out with your friends and a have great summer camp experience! And teachers will get high-quality, hands-on experience on how to make and run their own MakerEd spaces!

COST: $1500 per team (2 teachers and 4-6 students)
What you get:

  • 4 full days of high-quality, hands-on professional learning for 2 teachers.

  • 4 full days of Project Based Learning, STEM summer camp for 4-6 students

  • Lunch and snacks are provided.

It breaks down to $45 a day for an unparalleled learning experience!
Space is limited to 10 teams, so be sure to get your application in early!

STEAMmaker camps in Oklahoma show teachers and students how hands-on learning takes education to a whole new level.