Regulatory Compliance Programs

Services include building studies for ADA compliance to blood-borne pathogen training, asbestos support, lock-out / tag-out, OSHA and KDHR assistance and on site playground safety audits. Assistance and support are provided in any state or federal regulatory area. Member districts receive assistance in keeping abreast of changes in regulations and safety.

As your district is reviewing budget and program cuts, consider the cost savings to your district and the advantages offered by continuing your participation in the ESSDACK Regulations and Compliance Program.



Asbestos: Provide yearly required Inspector/Manager/Planner and 8 Hour Awareness training to your LEA designated individuals. We will also conduct yourrequired 3 Year Inspection Report and provide Six Months Surveilence documentation. Required yearly training for all Classified staff will also be provided.

Bloodborne Pathogens: We will develop a District Exposure Control Plan. Provide the required yearly training for district employees. We will assist procuring personal protective equipment to protect employees from exposure to BBP transmitted diseases.

Sexual Harassment: (Title IX) We will provide yearly staff trainings for all district employees.

504 Policy: We will conduct a workshop with the State Regional IX OCR Attorney to address concerns with the 504, IDEA and Special Ed issues.

American with Disabilities Act (ADA): We will do building audits and assist in program accessibility issues.

Hazard Communications: We will provide a Written Policy, work with your coordinator to collect a list of chemicals in your district, review your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), provide Outside Contractor Notification Forms, do the yearly required training to classified staff for labeling, storing, disposing and handling chemicals.

LockOut/Tagout Regulations: We will provide a Written Plan, procedures and required training to th classified staff. Provide Outside Contractor Notification Forms an assist in the selection of equipment purchases.

Confined Space Regulations:  We will provide a Written Policy, identify confined spaces, develop procedures, do required classified staff training, provide Outside Contractor Notification Forms to comply with the program standards.

Indoor Air Quality: (Mold & Radon) We will provide a Test Kit to detect concerns fo poor air quality. We will assist in correction and remedial solutions. A notebook with information on the hazards of mold and radon will also be provided.

Lead/Copper in Water:  We will provide a test kit to document any contamination in drinking water, and a notebook of information as to the hazards of these products. 

School Safety Guidelines and Training: We will provide a Facility Checklist and employee training.

State and Federal Law Posting: We will keep you informed of changes in State and Federal Laws and Regulations. We will order and distribute posting updates.

Environmental Services Provided:

  • Review district programs and assess their needs
  • Provide written policies, plans and procedures
  • Provide training to the for district employees
  • Assist in record keeping of environmental programs
  • Provide inspections of facilities-ADA, asbestos, playground
  • Provide test kits for air quaility-mold, radon, lead in water
  • Provide information on State and Federal Posting requirements
  • Inform district of new regulations or upgrades of existing programs.

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